Our steadfast spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation has led to the development of the world’s first and only Tire Treatment proven to provide 100% protection against Ozone and Ultra-Violet sun-rays while maintaining a beautiful shine. Pro-Seal Tire is a flexible aerospace technology coating that contains no oils, petroleum or silicone and is environmentally friendly. ProSeal Tire will not drive off, sling off or wash off and gives all tires a deep black beautiful wet look that is highly recognizable and completely dry to the touch.

Where the rubber meets the road Automotive tires are subjected to one of the harshest environments experienced by any dealer product. Your tires are being stretched millions of times as they roll through their life and down the road, receiving many bumps and bruises. Tires are always exposed to Mother Nature! Summer’s heat and winter’s cold, Ozone, UV, brake dust, oily tire dressings, water, oils, harsh cleaning chemicals and road contaminants. Your tires are a highly visible part of your vehicle, thus it is important that the tires easily maintain an attractive appearance despite the continual weathering and harsh conditions to which they are subjected. ProSeal Tire will never sling onto your wheels, rocker panels or paintwork as all other tire dressings do. Always keeping your tires clean and beautiful for the Life of the Tire.